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Childless weekend meant fun for grown-ups: a party on Friday, Iron Man 3 on Saturday and time to do some work for school. I'd promised myself to resume posting holiday pictures only after I had made progress on my to do list. (It's still full, but I've got several important things done.)

So, that's why you had a bit of break in my Mallorca spamming.

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Cala Figuera )

I wouldn't mind sitting in one of the cafés now overlooking the bay and enjoying the sunshine.
There is sunshine here, too, but also lots of work...
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This is a very repetitive post.

Front doors, garage doors, shed doors, windows etc. that all have one thing in common: they caught my eye and couldn't run.

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On the third day of our holiday we took the train to Sóller. Not your regular train but the Ferrocarril de Sóller - historic carriages on electrified narrow gauge tracks.

Thus in itself an attraction, especially for kids. There are lots of tunnels, too, so that was some extra excitement, especially as someone forgot to switch on the lights for the last part of the journey. (Cue screaming from all the kids in the carriage!)

We decided against taking the tramway down to Port de Sóller and instead spent a leisurely half-day in the sleepy town that is Sóller if you get away from the main square.

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Did anyone else watch Defiance last night? It got a near-simultaneous start in several parts of the world thanks to SyFy. I caught the last twenty minutes or so and thought it was rather predictable. It felt like a very American narrative to me (circle the wagons and all that).

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Now that I've shown you the really classy bits of Playa de Palma, we'll go to that city the beach takes its name from: Palma de Mallorca. (Also, I'm sticking to the Mallorca spelling - I know that the English name is Majorca, but I'm going with the native version.)

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