Aug. 15th, 2014 04:09 pm
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More Portugal.

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More prompts, please?
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I am a mother, but not the most traditional one.

I couldn't have become one without the help of a male person.

That male person continues to be important in my life and the kid's.

He is the main caregiver for the kid.

And this is why, today, I bring you pictures of them baking a rhubarb-banana cake.

Which happened some time ago and wasn't a special Mother's Day one-time deal present.

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Yes, I sometimes photograph food.

Usually badly.

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Yesterday I showed you how German supermarkets sell "British" food, today I can bring you The american way of lecker:

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Just for fun,

here is how Aldi Sued do their "Very British" week:

They registered the trademark for "Taste of British Isles"®. They invented a little logo with a coat of arms that features a rose, a dragon, a thistle and a clover which looks like it is printed on a postage stamp with the words "Taste of British Isles" on it. Yes, obviously that is their way of getting away with selling products from the Republic of Ireland, too. Still, I could see why actual British and Irish people might not be very happy about this.

So, what do they sell to the good people of Germany wanting a taste of the British Isles?

Fish & Chips, Baked Beans and Irish meat (lamb and beef) feature on the first two pages.

The next page shows you Traditional Chips wth the flavours Sweet Chili and Salt & Vinegar - guess what, they mean crisps, but as we call them Chips in German they opted for the American term and bottled Buck's Fizz which is described as a spritziger Cocktail.

When selling British food in Germany this happens:  We call t... on Twitpic

Then it's time for sweets:
You get three different kinds from the Toffee-Sortiment: Peppermint Crémes, Chocolate & Toffee and Chocolate Caramels; Winegums, Scottish Shortbread Fingers and ice cream that is modelled on after-dinner mints.

Then you get Gallantry Irish Whiskey and on the next page English Tea in German-style teabags in three varieties: English Breakfast Tea, Five O'Clock Tea and Black Tea Clotted Cream - apparently that is black tea with cream flavour. *Shudders*

That same page also has Brotaufstrich: Bramble Jelly, Fruity Orange, Lemon, Old English Orange and Blackcurrant Preserve.

Everything in italics is a direct quotation from the leaflet. The website already has next week's specials, so you can't see bigger pictures there.
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The trendy food has made it to Germany - with the rather terrible name of N'oats - the apostrophe seems part of the brandname but isn't consistently used in the copy on the website of manufacturers/distributors

You can even buy it as N'oats2Go - oats with fruit flakes etc. in a pot noodle cup (just add milk/water). At the supermarket it was a 40g cup for €1,90 or online you can buy 12 cups for €19,90.

Mind boggles.

Very expensive oats. Well, ORGANIC oats, but I guess this is for the people who don't remember their grandparents eating Haferbrei in the mornings or who got to eat Haferschleim when they were ill?

I actually quite like porridge and I guess the to go variety is very convenient for office lunch. I also like the idea of adding some nice and tasty extra ingredients.

But the marketing is just amazing. They've got "recipes" on the website, too - telling you how to add water and milk.


Nov. 4th, 2012 06:39 pm
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It's been a while since I did one of those:

Happy birthday, [ profile] kazzy_cee!

Have some delicious strawberry-chocolate buns.

I hope you're having a lovely day.


Sep. 15th, 2011 07:21 pm
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Happy birthday, [ profile] comava!

Here's some cake for you! (I hope that the one you got to eat today was a little softer...)

Alles Gute!
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We had a big feast yesterday with Kaffee und Kuchen in the afternoon and then later lots of yummy home-made vaguely middle-Eastern food - home-made falafel for example and my personal highlight, a beetroot salad with pomegranate. It was an enjoyable family day and the Kingston got all the attention and presents that a little boy deserves on his birthday. And he sleeps in his own bed now!

The home improvement is continuing with the re-organization of the laundry room and maybe, just maybe I can start tackling the office tomorrow where we moved the old cabinet as this means I've got more shelf space finally. It's still a temporary solution, but it'll do.

The little one has also found a new passion - cycling! We're a two-bike-one kiddy-seat family now and he loves it. When we come back home he has a crying fit because he wants to ride around some more. There are lots of bike lanes here and it's mostly flat with some gentle slopes, so it's ideal.

That's today's blather for you. Goodnight!


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