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I really should be marking those essays, but here have some pictures of our trip to the museum with our English guests:

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In response to this post on languagelog about firstable as an eggcorn for first of all:

The version I've seen from several German students is firstival - which you can also find in the last comment on this blog post on first(ly) etc.

Finding authentic examples of this usage isn't easy but here are two:

Firstival what is true love what is being in love... Is there a difference?

Hello everyone, firstival i would like to say that my english is not evry good but i would like to share my experience of playing my little bunny here, so my apology if there r any misunderstandings.

Apparently it is not only used by ESL students as in this quote from a 'funny freshman essay':

Firstival, the president should…

I learned a new word. It appears to sound like “festival,” but is synonymous with “first of all”.

(As an aside: This current teacher isn't too fond of this former teacher poking fun at the ignorance of students and I'm also not completely sold on the authenticity of the quoted student writing.)


Mar. 1st, 2014 01:28 pm
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The people designing exam questions are mean:

There are six words and seven definitions. If you answer everything correctly and then get to no. six (exercise) you have two choices left:

C activity you do to stay fit


H a short period of training

This is an exam for the students who are leaving school with basic qualifications and yes, English is their second (or in some cases third) language.

I am expected to only accept C.

That's splitting hairs, right?


Feb. 16th, 2014 08:26 pm
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We went to a local castle plus museum several Sundays ago and I got a kick out of this:

I think mostly for the use of descriptive adjectives - the 'press' in 1642 knew how to sell a story.

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The letter S for this was kindly provided by [personal profile] oursin as well as the format.

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If you want a letter - or comment on naming trends etc. please use the comments section to tell me all about it.


Oct. 22nd, 2013 11:32 am
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In honour of today's first session of the new Bundestag I'll show you what it looks like at night:

We don't have a new government yet - the coalition talks have just started - and this is the building where all the Members of Parliament have their offices:

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After first day back at school my step has somewhat lost its bounce.
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So there I was at the local branch of an international chain selling office supplies because I wanted to buy something I'd seen in their advertising. Yes, I know but the item I was after was a ring binder so ugly that I needed to get it - it is for a special purpose.

Of course the store was swarming with people - school starts here tomorrow or the day after (if it's your first day at school) and there were these confused groups of parents with lists in hand looking for their children and for the various items that they will need for their first day of school. Blue is for boys... )


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