Nov. 8th, 2013 04:47 pm
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Tomorrow is that fateful day of German history, so expect lots of topical pictures tomorrow.

But first, the stadium built for the Berlin Olympics in 1936:

Bigger is better )
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American embassy, Brandenburg Gate, glass dome of Reichstag building which houses the German parliament.

Am I a cynic that I am not the least bit surprised that friends spy on friends?

Partners snoop. Parents read diaries.

"It just shows that I care and worry about you."
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In honour of #merkelphone this is today's picture:

It's the Chancellery Building in Berlin.
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So, you've seen the Brandenburg Gate and decided it was a lot smaller than you expected, so apart from its symbolic value when it was closed due to the city being split in half, it's irrelevant which means that you can safely ignore it on subsequent visits?

Yes, that's what I thought.

City marketing made me see the light. (Pun intended.)

Like this: )


Oct. 22nd, 2013 11:32 am
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In honour of today's first session of the new Bundestag I'll show you what it looks like at night:

We don't have a new government yet - the coalition talks have just started - and this is the building where all the Members of Parliament have their offices:

Here: )
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Taken while sitting in gridlocked traffic. The light was fading, the bus was full of whining teenagers and you can see half the name of a drugstore chain reflected in the bus window: ROSS means horse.

A typical travel photo.


May. 18th, 2010 05:49 pm
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Photographs of an art project in Berlin: Innen Stadt Au├čen.

Interview with the artist (in German).

Official site (in English) with more pictures.

Driftwood logs in the middle of the city, mirrors small and great in unexpected places, kaleidoscopes, white lines that you may know from a football field all squiggly and disappearing into the undergrowth. And I nearly forgot to mention the bicycles with mirrors for wheels.


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