Oct. 12th, 2009 08:59 pm
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Yesterday I promised praise for Dollhouse, autumn pictures, family stuff.

(BTW, check out the link I gave you if you want to see giant puppets.)

So, am I as bad as a politician on the campaign trail? I've already given you the photography, that leaves the other two items on my list.

For the Dollhouse praise I'd like to link to this post by [ profile] frenchani to show you that the latest episode, aptly named Belle chose, inspires thorough analysis, but it is also entertaining and fun. This was Whedon (and Minear) at their best. Just like the title, it can be understood many ways - it has hidden depths (groanworthy pun?).

[ profile] frenchani highlights and explains the connections between Chaucer's "Wife of Bath" and one of the storylines. It's used in the text, quoted in the title and by the characters, and there's even another level: Just like today's students debate whether Chaucer's character can be read as a feminist, fandom has called into question Joss Whedon's feminist cred, especially in regards to Dollhouse. Read more... )

And I haven't even talked about the brilliant doll/croquet set-piece, the acting, the photography or any other possible interpretations.

2 out of 3 promises kept. Talk about family will have to be postponed.
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There's doom and gloom in Jossland and it's just as gloomy outside: grey and blustery with lots of drizzle. As to the state of the world, I don't think I need to say that slightly yucky weather and the threat of cancellation of a tv series are so utterly trivial that I should really be ashamed that I'm sort of complaining about these things.

But, this is not meant to be a whiny post, quite the contrary, it's about the happy stuff in my little corner of the world. )
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Photobucket has been annoying me with an intrusive father's day flash advert that proved a little tricky to evade, but after a little fiddling I managed to upload a picture taken on a neighbourhood stroll a couple of weeks ago.

Heads and Dollhouse and other TV )
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I watched two finales in the past seven days, the penultimate season of Lost and the official season finale of Dollhouse.

Dollhouse is, in television speak, 'on the bubble' and it's doubtful that we'll get to see a second season, but at least there's the mysterious Epitaph One to look forward to. Lost will return to be concluded in May 2010.

Thoughts and spoilers on Dollhouse: )
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Most of you get your Whedonverse news the way I do, via whedonesque, so there's not really any need for me to do link you to this interview with Enver Gjokaj. Spoilers for the series up to now, but nothing beyond.

Have I mentioned that I like his acting? He's had lots of challenging stuff to do and he sold me completely.
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My opinion on Man on the Street can be found elsewhere, but let me just say again that it was the first episode of Dollhouse that had me completely enthralled.

Ramblings about Dollhouse, with spoilers for Echoes and Needs )
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The Gray Hour, episode four of Dollhouse was enjoyable fun, with quite a few layers and while some of the metaphors were a bit obvious, they still worked well.

I may not be the greatest expert on the British royal family, but the London correspondent of a big German newspaper should know that Princess Anne doesn't have daughter named Beatrice. Maybe he just isn't good with names which I could forgive, but then the editor should have spotted the mistake before the book about the correspondent's quest to meet the Queen was sent off to the printers. Of course, the book contains the usual tired old stereotypes about Britain and isn't really as funny as it wants to be. As to how he finally gets to meet her? I do wonder whether he made it all up.
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Episode 3 of Dollhouse left me feeling frustrated. The weekly assignment started out as promising and fun, but then the pacing was off in the second half. Spoilers )

There's stuff happening between the ensemble characters and the arc is progressing nicely, which gives me hope.

Yesterday afternoon, before I watched the episode, I kept thinking about how we're all a little bit like Echo, playing different roles every day and while you might argue that we're aware of this, I don't think this is entirely true all the time. We struggle with other people's expectations and we struggle to combine our different roles which sometimes conflict with each other.

In other news, there was spring in the air today. The sun was still feeble, but managed to win against the milky clouds we had in the last couple of days. I even made it out of the house for a short, very slow stroll around the neighbourhood. Boy, was I tired afterwards! After nearly two months of only leaving the house once a week, I'm in desperate need of some light exercise.


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