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Here are two incidents that have annoyed me muchly:

'Hitler is my favourite dictator' - Selling sex )
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Photobucket has been annoying me with an intrusive father's day flash advert that proved a little tricky to evade, but after a little fiddling I managed to upload a picture taken on a neighbourhood stroll a couple of weeks ago.

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Comment about the Dutch and bicycles has been removed by the author.

Link to Dutch tv footage via the BBC.

Also, the female presenter seems to stay amazingly calm.

ETA: I know now that four people are dead which makes this post incredibly inappropriate and thus it has been edited.
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It's interesting to see how one "linguistic" news story about a phrasebook for conversations with cavemen is making the rounds and it has now turned up on the website of the Tagesschau, Germany's best-known daily news programme.

Is it really as silly as it sounds? )

But it makes for funny news - oh my, what these science boffins get up to.
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I seem to be a bit of a masochist - watched the red carpet portion of the Oscars on ET (which was rather tedious and why did the Greek tourist board think that sponsoring it would be a good idea?) and fell asleep shortly before the actual ceremony started. Thus I'm running on three and a half hours of sleep which means my mind is going round in circles.

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No, I'm not talking about the States though I expect that things will get more heated before "super-duper-Tuesday".

This is homegrown. There are elections soon in some of the German states and somehow youth crime has become the big issue with an emphasis on crime committed by young men with an immigrant background. Of course, the whole debate is just a tad beyond borderline racist - politicians are walking a fine line so they can't be accused of blatant racism but there's lots of scaremongering going on with shouts of "Just send them all home".

The campaigns and statements are becoming increasingly silly. Now we've got a politician calling for a special punishment as Volksverhetzung for anyone who calls a German Scheiß-Deutscher, i.e. "you fucking German". I doubt that this guy is a lawyer and it's again just a populist pandering to the masses.

So, what about Scheiß-Türke or Scheiß-Ausländer which is by far the more common and the original insult?

edited because of spelling mistake in a German(!) word
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Mr Putin's party has won the elections in Russia. There is a lot of doubt in the fairness of these elections.

Is it a coincidence that today it has been announced that livejournal has been bought by a Russian media company?

I don't know, but I've managed to find out a little bit about our new owners.

I'm not an expert on the blogosphere or Russian politics. The information that I have gathered has been obtained through the use of search engines and is by no means complete. I'm only going to link to sources that are known to me and which are generally deemed more or less trustworthy. At this stage, I'm only collecting information. I'm trying to make sense of it all, but I haven't got a fully formed opinion yet. I'm of course always interested in finding out more and in hearing what you think.

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This story has made me realize that my school problems are really rather insignificant.

The link's in German, but I'm sure by tomorrow morning this story will have been picked up by the international media.

It's a tragic story in so many ways. Here are the main points:

The police managed to prevent another school massacre, which was planned for the anniversary of the school shooting in Emsdetten.
Classmates had alerted their teachers to the fact that a 17-year-old had posted photographs of the Columbine High School shooting on the internet. There had been a meeting at school with the headteacher, the police and the boy in question. On his way home, the boy threw himself in the path of a tram and died.

A suicide by a student is terribly difficult to deal with for everyone concerned, the parents, the classmates, the teachers, but these circumstances make it even worse. I can only guess at the amount of guilt and anger those involved will feel.

The police have arrested an 18-year-old accomplice who confirmed that they had been planning a shooting. A list of targets and weapons were found at his house.

There's not much one can say, is there? There is a lot of pain and anger in people. Sometimes it turns inwards, sometimes it is turned outwards.


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