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Last week I was convinced that spring had sprung and I planted things and now they're buried under the snow.
I lugged around my big camera while I was driving or cycling to visit students on work experience, but somehow the pictures didn't come to me. There hasn't been much photography this year so far and I don't think that the Photo Bingo will go anywhere.
Planting and taking pictures are not the same, but the common ground seems to be that I'm not very successful in my creative endeavours.

The mobile phone camera has been in use somewhat and there are some pictures that I'm willing to show. The theme seems to be frost.

Ice and snow. )
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Dear students:

Having accounts in your real names (sometimes with picture, city, age and physical description) is one of the most stupid things I can think of for people who in the next year or so are going to send out their CVs to prospective employers. The sort of brainless and x-rated stuff that you write there isn't going to convince them to take you on as apprentices.

Also, if you have a youtube account in your real name, yes, people can google your name and then find out that you made a video of yourself eating strawberry yoghurt with ketchup and paprika powder.

Remember when six months ago you all told me that you NEVER used your real names online? "Because we're not stupid. We know that it's a bad idea." That no one could find you? That you didn't need any lessons on internet safety?

We know that you keep googling your teachers' names. I only googled yours because when we were in the computer room one of you was shocked that her youtube account meant that there were pictures of her on the internet. Guess what: you put them there!

Your teacher whose curiosity is now entirely sated.
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Four lessons today.
Left the house at 7.40, came back at 16.30.

How does that work?

It's easy: )


Mar. 7th, 2012 09:12 pm
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Now that the phone talks to the router the laptop doesn't work without a cable anymore. This Swype stuff is weird.


Feb. 10th, 2012 08:18 pm
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I want to replace my mobile phone. It's an old babyblue Nokia phone that was already pretty much outdated when I got it. I don't use it much, so I'm strictly pre-paid and I want to stay that way, so no 'free' phone for me with a contract that I don't need.

I do wanna go 'smart' - but I haven't made a decision about which phone I'm going to buy, but will probably go Android.

Any experiences you smart people want to share and help me make a decision?
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Plaything )

We nearly took the fire station away again, because yesterday he caused a 3 gigabyte data loss when he pounded on the keyboard of the main computer while the system was updating. We've been saying for ever that we need to keep the door to the office locked and obviously we should have done that... His dad screamed "NOOOOOOOO" while leaping across the new sofa bed to reach him, but little one didn't listen. He's been told several times that the computers are out of bounds, and while he's a little too young to understand what he did, he's at the age where he is testing boundaries. I think he got that he did something stupid and clearly realized that he made his dad very very angry (and caused him a lot of computer rescue work).
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Yes, the kid sometimes gets my point-and-shoot camera to play with. (It started when we were in a huge electronics store and K was looking at some stuff and we took to the sofa in the room with the loudspeakers, because we'd been running through shops all afternoon. The little one wanted to touch all the shiny things but wasn't allowed to. The only toy-like object I had in my handbag was my camera.)

"Klick", he calls it.

Yesterday he sort of understood how to make it work. I told him to take a picture of an object in our living-room and he walked over and this is what he produced:

Can you guess what the object was?


Nov. 30th, 2011 09:34 pm
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Apparently the livejournal attackers have changed their strategy and are now trying to get users to hand over their account details.


So, don't get fooled!
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The little one's fascination with large vehicles continues. Today's real-life highlights: Rubbish truck and street sweeping machine. Home-made versions of grader and fire engine built by dad and son - fire engine has already lost its ladder.


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