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When we left the house, the sky was still blue and the sun was out. On the motorway we realized that we were travelling towards a big mass of dark-blue clouds full of rain or maybe sleet.

When we arrived at our destination - that one Dutch city where all Rhinelanders go to buy stuff on a Sunday - the hail was pouring down.

Last time I was there, we also ended up being soaked. Here is a mix of old and new pictures:

Venlo )
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Oh yes, once again, I'm about three years late in starting a TV series.

Last night it was the pilot and the second episode of The Americans and as I'm conflicted about it, I am throwing some of that out here. Spoilers for episode 1 and  )
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..nor has it pancakes.

Traditionally, it is called Violet Tuesday (after the flowers, not the colour).

This year, we went to the big parade in town and of course I took pictures.

It took me a while to crop and tinker, so that I can share some of them with you.

German Carnival is frequently a very serious thing, and often not very creative costumewise. I was pleasantly surprised regarding the outfits (helped by the motto) and see for yourself whether anyone had fun.

Veilchendienstagszug )


Feb. 16th, 2014 08:26 pm
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We went to a local castle plus museum several Sundays ago and I got a kick out of this:

I think mostly for the use of descriptive adjectives - the 'press' in 1642 knew how to sell a story.

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Oct. 31st, 2013 05:06 pm
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This year's pumpkin ended up on the compost heap a little too early - we put it in the brown rubbish bin* today.

Still, it used to look nice before it went all mouldy. I blame all the rain (and us thinking too late of putting it on the shelf where it would have been relatively sheltered).

A Janus pumpkin )

*Yes, Germans really have multiple rubbish bins in all sorts of colours. Ours are a black old-fashioned round rubbish-bin for household waste, a blue wheelie-bin for paper, a brown wheelie-bin for organic waste and very flimsy yellow plastic bags for other recyclables like plastics. Glass we put in the big collecting bins a few streets from here.
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The airbrush paintings on fairground attractions fascinate me. They are the last vestige of the tradition of hand-painted representations of popular culture. Cinemas used to employ painters to make billboards advertising their films - bigger than the standard movie posters but using similar images. (And even the regular cinema posters didn't have photos but painted versions of the photos.) Today there is only photoshop.

On our recent holiday in Portugal there was also a huge fair which we visited in the daytime when it was still closed. I took some pictures of the bumper car ride - I must warn you that whoever did the pictures isn't that good with likenesses but a big fan of sexism.

Sexism and pop-culture: NSFW )

Laugh or cry?
I suppose ridicule is the best option.
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So there I was at the local branch of an international chain selling office supplies because I wanted to buy something I'd seen in their advertising. Yes, I know but the item I was after was a ring binder so ugly that I needed to get it - it is for a special purpose.

Of course the store was swarming with people - school starts here tomorrow or the day after (if it's your first day at school) and there were these confused groups of parents with lists in hand looking for their children and for the various items that they will need for their first day of school. Blue is for boys... )


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