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Did anyone else watch Defiance last night? It got a near-simultaneous start in several parts of the world thanks to SyFy. I caught the last twenty minutes or so and thought it was rather predictable. It felt like a very American narrative to me (circle the wagons and all that).

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Go and watch this:

(You will probably have to go through an ad for the newest oh-so-brilliant-not-I-phone mobile. Sorry!)

Then tell me whether that's a clever homage or a cheap rip-off. Tocotronic, the German band with intellectual sensibilities, doesn't do much for me, which is mostly due to its reputation. They are being sold as clever, and all I hear is sixties guitars with German lyrics. Or it's the singer's voice, I don't know. This song is catchy enough, not quite as monotonous as some of the other songs I remember.

The video, touted on SPON as paying homage to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, certainly copies several iconic shots - the red leather jacket seems familiar, too. What does it mean though? I just don't get it.


Nov. 23rd, 2010 08:23 pm
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As to the Buffy re-boot: I don't like the idea of this happening now and without Joss Whedon. Too much jumping on vampire bandwagons by the people with the money. As to the script-writer: I'm remaining open-minded.
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Just for a change, I thought I'd post about fandom stuff again. Not that I've got much to say....

Yesterday we walked to the comic book shop (and a lot further, but that's a different story) and I managed to get hold of my reserved Buffy comics. Today I sorted them, made a little list of what's missing and which covers I've got. Oh, and I read most of them, too. (I left 23 to 25 and the Tales of the Vampires for another day or possibly later today.) The completist in me isn't happy that I don't have #2 and #3 and I'm decidedly peeved that #12 is missing, because that's the most talked about one in which Buffy does something scandalous. For some reason, I've got two of #9, the Georges Jeanty Avengers style cover. Now I only need to find someone who'd like to trade and who just happens to have a spare #12.

I do enjoy the comics, but I know that I just don't know how to read them - I tend to just glance at the panels and focus on the words, which I know is wrong, but I'm just not used to comics.

I've also finally managed to watch the first part of Children of Earth - good stuff! Spoilers for episode 1 )
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I'm on holiday and while I've been terribly unproductive the last three days I've actually got a couple of things to do in the next two weeks. I'm writing them down now to motivate myself to actually do them.

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Oct. 4th, 2007 07:52 pm
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..was a shopping day.

We bought a new futon mattress (and had it delivered, too and the old one taken away) which was about time, because it was decidedly lumpy. I'm looking forward to less backache.

Then I also finally got more Buffy comics - number 1 has finally arrived and I also got number 6 the day after number 7 was officially released. Also, walking from the comic book shop to the futon place we wandered through Little Japan where a bookshop had a manga signing going on. There were lots of teens in costume around, among them one of the girls mentioned in this post. She had those cute little animal ears on her head and this time she didn't spot me - or she was deliberately looking away.... The boyfriend hadn't seen cosplayers before (and some of them looked rather wild) and I guess he was quite relieved that my fandom only goes as far as buying comic books...

And because we were already in a fandom sort of mood we also stopped at the record shop that turned up in our neighbourhood about six months ago. Yes, they're selling actual vinyl LPs and the owner seems to be Middle Eastern. The shop is crammed full with old musty records and we had a browse around. I had a bit of a giggle because I found odd albums from the 80s that I own myself - like Alphaville's first record and Joy Division's Closer. Currently we're listening to the more or less mint double LP of The Who's Tommy (complete with booklet and fold-out cover) that the boyfriend just had to get. Yes, we do still own a recordplayer and we occasionally use it.
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I don't work in the town where I live. This has the great advantage that I don't meet my students when I'm out.

There's always a first contact though. Monkshappyriver isn't that far away from D-village. Last Saturday when I wanted to collect my Buffy comics (they weren't in yet) at the local comic book shop I bumped into three year 9 students who wanted to get their manga fix. They were of the polite, friendly and nerdy variety and we had a very short chat in which I didn't reveal what I was trying to purchase. Maybe they'll think I just wanted to buy a postcard but I bet they asked at the counter what that lady who just left the shop had wanted. Nevermind. There's another girl in that year who knows about my Buffy fandom because we bonded over her Spike crush and she came dressed as Faith to the Carnival fancy dress party - and I recognised the costume. She's heavily into Take That at the moment though.
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I'm on a linguistics kick at the moment. I don't know how it happened, but in my wanderings around the internet I stumbled upon several fun linguistics blogs. I quite liked the linguistics side of my university education though to tell you the truth quite a bit of it went over my head and I don't remember much of it apart from joking about the tree-pruning shoes that my rather old-fashioned lecturer of Introduction to Linguistics used to wear.

The use of language in Buffy is a huge part of why I came to enjoy it. That's why the dubbed version never did anything much for me. So, I was very happy when I found the following link on languagelog: Glemphy will not be Word of the Year.

I don't think I'll try to incorporate glemphy into my vocabulary, but then watching Buffy has already changed the way I speak and write.
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I'm spending entirely too much time this holiday with work. There are the test papers I have to mark, there are lessons to be planned and then there is also the distracting presence of the internet. I've just been doing a English grammar101 course - don't know why, but these interactive tests where you click on the answers just fascinate me, even when they're very very dull. I came across it while trying to find some teaching material about the play I will have to teach soon. We've recently changed to centralized exams which means that we've got set texts now and while I've been teaching most of the set texts anyway, this one is new for me and probably a fairly hard sell.

Also, this is amusing me: Someone has unearthed a Neue Deutsche Welle hit and claims it sounds a bit like the Buffy tune. I was already around when that song came out and I don't think there's much of a resemblance. Anyway, getting your information from google-translated webpages produces even more oddities. The commenters are rather amused at the lyrics as google has kindly translated the verb form "düse" from düsen, which basically means to travel or run fast and derives from compound words like Düsenflugzeug (jet plane) with "nozzle" which is a fairly accurate translation for the noun Düse which is most frequently used in compound words where it means jet. Now we're back at grammar 101. It's a bit like my students who are so happy that they're now allowed to use German-English dictionaries during tests which means that some of their sentences read like google translations. It's not really their fault that the German noun Ziel can mean destination, aim, target or goal (which again might mean something else altogether). Sometimes it takes quite a bit of time and dictionary research until I find out that looking up the verb ansprechen can produce to respond, because brakes respond and in German we use ansprechen in that context, but the word they had been looking for is actually to address or speak to someone directly. So somehow they've managed to come up with a word that has the opposite meaning of the one they're looking for. Another puzzle was the student who wrote about the second counterfoil instead of the second paragraph, because yes, Abschnitt, literally off-cut can also be the ticket stub that is returned to you after it's been checked. Mind-boggling!


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