Jul. 22nd, 2010 07:49 pm
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I think I recognized a place in a photo on my friendslist.

So, I looked and found this ) in my collection.
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There were lots of faces on the walls in Brussels, some vaguely familiar, others completely unknown.

There was a modern Madonna collage in the spot above a door where once the statue of a saint guarded the house:

Heads )
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You knew this post was going to come - you can't expect me to go to an urban area without coming back with pictures of street art. I'm always on the look-out for the signs that other people have left.

Brussels has a lot of them and I'll share some of what I found with you.

Awwww-inspiring art )
I've got some more arty stuff, but I'll leave that for another day.
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Wow - that last post got through without a glitch. Let's continue then while things are working.

The bowl area of the skate park wasn't being redecorated with girls' heads, so we got to see how the original artwork had grown over the years. It was also the favourite spot for all the boys to show that they were adventurous.

See for yourself )
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On our walk through Brussels we came across a small skate park that was being done up. The local kids were having fun and I liked that it wasn't a very competitive place where only the cool kids were allowed to skate.

Actually I don't want to talk about it too much - I just enjoyed being there. It was unpretentious and seemed like a local effort to give young people a place to go. It's functional street art and it's even interactive:

What am I saying? )
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There was also an adventure for me which made the whole drive seem like a piece of cake. I'd always imagined Brussels to be flat which it isn't. So, in order to get from the Palais de Justice which deliberately sits at the top of a hill down to where the poor people used to live you can either walk or take the lift. It's one of those modern glass constructions and that's fine by me, but to get to it you have to cross a small pedestrian bridge. Bridges - along with patience - aren't my strong suit. (The card game connotations are coincidence!) So, I braced myself and managed to conquer the abyss:

One picture at a time )
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Again with the contrast )

Frances took me on a holiday stroll through the city on Thursday afternoon (and it stayed dry and actually sunny at the end) and I enjoyed wandering through very different neighbourhoods. We spent quite some time in one place which you'll hopefully get to see tomorrow.


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