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Autumn at the playground.

Took the bikes out yesterday and had a look at a playground that we hadn't been to. The kid got a handy little map at school showing all the best spots in town, so there was a new place to discover.

Kid liked it - I didn't think it was that spectacular but one of the better-maintained ones around.

While the kid played, I took my first real autumn pictures of the season.

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Nov. 1st, 2015 12:19 pm
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I took yesterday off - I've only got one more straggler to mark and I'm more or less on top of my planning - because the weather was gorgeous and my back and shoulders definitely couldn't take another day at my desk.

We spent the afternoon at Insel Hombroich, a museum, an island, a park, a place to experience the seasons, modern art and ancient artefacts in parallel to nature. It is not an island in the geographical sense, it is not in actual fact surrounded by water, but situated close to a river and its flood meadows.

I did not take my big camera, which was far too much weight for my neck, so all pictures were taken with my crappy little mobile phone camera.

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Today was an exceptionally dreary day with the greyest skies and a persistent drizzle.

I had already spent yesterday inside.

So, I took the kid and we went on a walk through the woods where we got lots of mud on our shoes.

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Nov. 8th, 2013 04:47 pm
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Tomorrow is that fateful day of German history, so expect lots of topical pictures tomorrow.

But first, the stadium built for the Berlin Olympics in 1936:

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Only it wasn't a Sunday, it was last Wednesday - when Germany celebrated re-unification and we drove to a small lake close to the border to the Netherlands. There was a brisk walk on comfortable paths around the privately owned lake. In its current form it was created when the local peat bogs were harvested, but the lake itself is much older. Since the 1920s it has been a popular destination for daytrippers - there is even a small motorboat that takes you across the lake if walking all around it proves too much for you. Which even a four-year old can do, with a little bit of whining, but there was a treat at the end: Probably the last time this year that we sat outside eating some ice cream.

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