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A link to the BBC Yearbook from 1930 has put all my other online activities on hold.

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Nov. 8th, 2013 04:47 pm
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Tomorrow is that fateful day of German history, so expect lots of topical pictures tomorrow.

But first, the stadium built for the Berlin Olympics in 1936:

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Jun. 25th, 2011 06:19 pm
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You may know that Germany is hosting the Women's World Cup in football/soccer.

Traditionally, in Germany football is seen as a very male sport and the German Football Association didn't allow female teams within their ranks until 1970.

Now they're trying to sell the usual football merchandise, but with a little twist. This is "the beautiful side of 20Eleven" - which is the official slogan of the tournament.

At one of my local supermarkets males can buy - unofficial, I may add, t-shirts encouraging the players to swap their shirts, because that's what it's all about, right? (For those not in the know: it's one of the traditions in men's football that after a big match the opponents exchange their sweaty shirts.)

We could all chalk it up to gender equality, after all women watch men's football not just because it's a beautiful game but also for the players' fabulous bodies. Or we could say that this at least goes against the stereotype of female footballers being butch lesbians. They're so pretty now that the guys want to see them sans shirt. Or that age-old excuse: It's just a joke.

Still, I'm not laughing.
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This mother's heart beats for the local football club thanks to a sticker in (roughly) the right place.
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The title needs quotes because that tiny strip of soil doesn't really count as a garden. There are some flowerpots of various sizes around, too, but to be honest, the backyard is mostly paving. Still, flowers make me happy.

It's becoming a place to spend time in with a little sandbox and some chairs. Yesterday afternoon, I sat in the sun and then in the shade trying to finish my marking (I failed) while the helicopters hovered overhead. No, I haven't suddenly moved to gang territory, it was the day of the big football match. (Our town's team won. Still, relegation looks likely.)

Sometimes the plants need to be watered. I've got a very enthusiastic helper:

(Notice the picturesque bins in the background and the rather uneven paving.)


Mar. 5th, 2011 08:05 pm
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Today we supported our local heroes at the stadium for the very first time. It turned out to be the second home win of the season.

I had heard about the commercialization of football but didn't know that substitutions etc. are announced with the help of a sponsor - orange juice it was for a yellow card.
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In the BBC commentary for the Germany-England game at 14:45 Jonathan Stevenson posted the wrong German anthem. We don't sing that stanza any more for obvious reasons. It is NOT Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles and those rivers? Not a single one is on German territory.

I don't have time to check on the accuracy of the details, but the wikipedia article about the Deutschlandlied offers some background information.

May the better team win!
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I want to mention that I'm cheering for the All Whites, the NZ football team. They sure don't play beautifully, but so far they did far better than anyone could have expected. Which means, they outdid a lot of the established teams because those haven't exactly lived up to expectations.

I find myself a lot less interested in this World Cup than in previous years. It might have something to do with the fact that there's the little one who is much more entertaining than the average match.

I wonder though what the Ghanaians and Italians are doing who are living in our old neighbourhood. Ghana are currently leading the table in Group D and play Germany next - and if the Germans don't win they will in all likelihood fly home earlier than anticipated.

As to the Italians, two draws, which earn the Kiwis praise, are just not good enough for the current Champions.
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Now that I've got a backup account @ dreamwidth I've finally learned a little about how to customize my livejournal with my very own header and colour scheme.

That should tell you that I may crosspost, but won't leave.

And I've come to realize that there is not much difference between football clubs and tv production/broadcasting companies: Before the season they hire a new person to do some groundbreaking work, with a wonderful new concept. They voice their unwavering support - we'll give them time, they've got all the resources they want, we're fully behind their new ideas, but then the cracks begin to appear. The newcomers can't hire who they want, there are budget cuts and if there's a setback, say a lost game or not the best ratings, the rumblings begin. Some of the fans were opposed to it all from the start and the chorus of "We called it" becomes louder. The upper management's remarks became double-edged. The supporters start criticizing the concept or the team, assigning blame in all sorts of places. There are some who remain loyal, though in football, this pertains mostly to the clubs, not the new coach, whereas in fandom, it's all about the players, not the people with the money. Some fans become armchair coaches/directors: they know which player is holding back the team, they find fault in the new methods and spout their theories as to what was intended. But of course, there are many armchairs and thus many different opinions on how the season could have been saved.


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