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Instead of ruins, I today bring you the main church of Lagos:

Igreja Paroquial de Santa Maria de Lagos )
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Back when we first on holiday in Lagos in 2007 we stayed in a hotel just above Praia Dona Ana, the most famous of the picturesque rocky beaches of the town. A little further up the road there were building works - a large apartment building had just been finished and they were refurbishing the old hotel next to it. Or so it seemed - they were removing all the furniture and fittings which led to quite a bit of noise, but was fascinating to watch.

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As is tradition around this time of year, we went on the motorway and visited family in Hesse. Text and pictures )

This time there we didn't go for the sights and while I had wanted to take the kid to the very famous castle, we of course didn't. You don't mess with tradition.

Edited for spelling picnic the German way.


Jan. 6th, 2015 05:26 pm
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That word in the subject line can't be the correct adjective, but I am keeping it as it is.

My students make up words all the time (knowledgement, degrandable, crowfunding, detaily) so I want some of the neologicalizing goodness.

Under the cut, you will find pictures from our New Year's Day Walk which was a particularly short one this year because one of us was still suffering from a really nasty cold - which manifested on Christmas Eve which is that person's birthday, too. So, not a happy holiday for him.

So we went on a really really short round in the neighbourhood.

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In response to this post on languagelog about firstable as an eggcorn for first of all:

The version I've seen from several German students is firstival - which you can also find in the last comment on this blog post on first(ly) etc.

Finding authentic examples of this usage isn't easy but here are two:

Firstival what is true love what is being in love... Is there a difference?

Hello everyone, firstival i would like to say that my english is not evry good but i would like to share my experience of playing my little bunny here, so my apology if there r any misunderstandings.

Apparently it is not only used by ESL students as in this quote from a 'funny freshman essay':

Firstival, the president should…

I learned a new word. It appears to sound like “festival,” but is synonymous with “first of all”.

(As an aside: This current teacher isn't too fond of this former teacher poking fun at the ignorance of students and I'm also not completely sold on the authenticity of the quoted student writing.)
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..nor has it pancakes.

Traditionally, it is called Violet Tuesday (after the flowers, not the colour).

This year, we went to the big parade in town and of course I took pictures.

It took me a while to crop and tinker, so that I can share some of them with you.

German Carnival is frequently a very serious thing, and often not very creative costumewise. I was pleasantly surprised regarding the outfits (helped by the motto) and see for yourself whether anyone had fun.

Veilchendienstagszug )


Mar. 1st, 2014 01:28 pm
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The people designing exam questions are mean:

There are six words and seven definitions. If you answer everything correctly and then get to no. six (exercise) you have two choices left:

C activity you do to stay fit


H a short period of training

This is an exam for the students who are leaving school with basic qualifications and yes, English is their second (or in some cases third) language.

I am expected to only accept C.

That's splitting hairs, right?
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The letter S for this was kindly provided by [personal profile] oursin as well as the format.

Stuff )

If you want a letter - or comment on naming trends etc. please use the comments section to tell me all about it.


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