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As is tradition around this time of year, we went on the motorway and visited family in Hesse. The journey was uneventful except for the fact that we did a 20 km detour when we took the wrong motorway at one of the more confusing motorway interchanges and when the kid threw up all over the car about 70 km later.
Which - no surprise there - did have no effect whatsoever on his ability to eat a huge lunch of Schnitzel mit Pommes. Pommes by the way are chips or French fries, from the first part of the French word for potatoes, but of course the pronunciation is pure German and it has become a genuine German word. We used to have a chip shop around the corner called "Les Pommes" - I think it was attempting to sound classy. That didn't work out too well.

But anyway, before Pommes, we had to change the kid's clothes and clean the car. We managed to be only 30 minutes late for our meeting with my parents and my father's half-sister.

After a very filling lunch at one of the better local restaurants where I had the biggest pork chop I'd ever seen, we were supposed to eat more. It's an age-old tradition of my parents to meet up with my aunt for a meal, then walk around a local fishpond and then eat more, with the second meal being done picnic style.

The weather was glorious this time, so no need to go the castle for our picnic.

Here are some pictures of our afternoon:

Table decoration which we took home later, picked by the kid and his dad:



This tree trunk shows quite spectaculary the force generated by a huge storm.

There was not much water in the little stream:

This meant the kid and his dad went across the "bridge":

Later, they picked more flowers - or else we would have been forced to eat more food. We had some coffee, but declined the home-made Hefezopf mit Rosinen which was very nice (I had the last slices for lunch today) but we were just too full.

My excuse to get away from the picnic table?

Taking more pictures:

I did want to take some decent pictures of the various butterflies we saw, but they were too fast for me.

This time there we didn't go for the sights and while I had wanted to take the kid to the very famous castle, we of course didn't. You don't mess with tradition.

Edited for spelling picnic the German way.
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