Maar III.

Apr. 21st, 2017 07:46 pm
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I am starting this with a map of the three maars in Daun:

We started in Schalkenmehren, then walked around the eastward-half of the Schalkenmehrener Maar, where some of the path looked like this:

Then we crossed the road and after eating some lunch we walked around the Weinfelder Maar in counter-clockwise direction with a little detour to the Dronketurm....

...where we got a great view of the Gem√ľndener Maar...

... and this is the view in the other direction:

The kid read every single one of the "love locks" left up there:

Another look at the Gem√ľndener Maar and we were off again to get back to our car:

We returned via the second half of the Weinfelder Maar (pictures in the last post).

There was a lot of moss growing on the trees:

Then after crossing the road again, we walked along the Eifelsteig route around the other part of the Schalkenmehrener Maar:

Can you see the cross up on the ridge in the above picture? The plan was to walk up there on the first bit of the hike, but we missed the turn and didn't make it. The view from up there would have been great...

We spotted this primula growing right next to the path:

I loved this walk but not all of us enjoyed it as much - blisters on your feet tend to put a damper on things.


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