Apr. 22nd, 2015 06:38 pm
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Yes, this is getting repetitive - all I ever do is post pictures of Sunday outings or so it seems.

The weather has been lovely, with some really rather warm days and while the temperatures have dropped somewhat we still have blue skies and sunshine. Very welcome after quite a few grey and rainy days. Hence the greenery is exploding and the birds are doing their thing and the first bees have been sighted, too.

Our Sundays have included a short bike ride along the river, so here are some of the pictures.

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Yesterday I went on a snowy walk around the same-old places.

They looked different than usual.

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I did not leave the house yesterday - marking to do & still feeling under the weather from the cold that had me in its grip most of last week.

So tonight I revisited the pictures I took the week before on our Sunday walk and I have decided to show you some of the more experimental ones, i.e. the weird ones of water & sky.

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On Sunday we just about managed to catch the last light of the day to go on a short walk.

At the ponds a grey heron was out stalking fish and then I stalked the heron with my camera. The telephoto lens is heavy and the pictures when the heron was still in the water turned out blurry because I just couldn't keep the camera steady. My camera's light spooked it and it flew into a tree.

For some reason it was easier to take a picture then:

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Our local pond (where I saw a kingfisher earlier in the year) pretending to be a very idyllic place far away from civilization:

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Sunday started with sunshine, so we skipped lunch and went to the park. There were still some coloured leaves hanging around on the trees - the damp and grey weather of the last couple of days no doubt did away with them.

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