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Please indulge me - it's Monday, I'm swamped with work and I want to look at something beautiful.

We did the grottoes two years ago, so this year it was time for the high seas. (Well, a little further out - I don't think it actually qualifies. There must be a definition somewhere.)

We waited in the midday heat for our boat and were congratulating ourselves we had chosen one that had a roof to hide under from the sun. Which is were we sat - some of our fellow passengers stayed in the sun. Not a terribly good idea, because with the breeze you don't even realize that your brain is burning up.

Anyway, our boat was a little late - it had taken them a little longer than expected to locate the promised dolphins. We got on and then saw some of our favourite beaches from the sea. I'm only showing you the picturesque one, without the hotels and the many beach umbrellas:

By the lighthouse we left the coast and the boat travelled further out:

By that time, we'd got our little lecture on the common dolpin and the bottlenose dolphin.

Our guide took up his spotting position:

It didn't take too long and he had found a pod. So there were lots of legs:

Best I could do under the circumstances:

Only kidding. Taking pictures wasn't easy - they're quick those common dolphins.

You could get a lot closer in this type of boat (but have nowhere to shelter from the sun plus more expensive plus not the best place for a five-year-old who gets car-sick):

So close:

Here are my three best pictures - you can see that they were still a little too quick for me:

You can clearly see their white bellies - so they're common dolphins:

True to stereotype they were quite playful and even the baby dolphin said hello to the boat, closely guarded by a bigger relative. (I don't have a picture of the baby. I made sure to take time to watch them instead of worrying about a picture.)

I did get this one:

Yeah, they're not National Geographic material, but they're my pictures and I was there.

And then we turned around back towards the hazy coast:

The light-house again:

Back at the marina, after coming through the drawbridge or bascule bridge as wikipedia tells me:

The kid loved the boat trip - we went really really fast - the dolphins jumping around in front of the boat - and then we took the Bimmelbahn and that was nearly as good as seeing the dolphins.
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