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2017-06-02 04:29 pm

Picture dump: Flowers and butterflies in May.

The river and adjacent pond with parkland are within comfortable walking distance, so whenever there was an hour to spare I walked over (or I stopped on the way home from work in the last couple of days) to take some pictures.

I've been posting them over on twitter @sista_ray but I also want to dump them here in one place. I've started experimenting with twitter moments - which is a handy way to group tweets. Still, I can't quite let go of dreamdwidth and even livejournal (grudgingly accepted the TOS to keep up with what's left of my friendslist).

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2017-05-17 11:32 am

Yellow iris at the pond.

Have some pictures from last week when the th flowers were still very new - now there is much more but I'm at home nursing a cold.

In German Iris pseudacorus is called Sumpf-Schwertlilie or Gelbe Schwertlilie or Wasser-Schwertlilie (swamp, yellow or water sword lily). For some reason even though they are not closely related to lilies, the whole genus of Iris (a word which is in use in German, too) = Schwertlilie. I can see where the sword comes from - the leaves.

Well, the yellow iris or yellow flag is quite common around here - and it is an invasive species in other parts of the world.

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2017-04-01 05:12 pm

Saturday a week ago.

A week ago on Saturday we took out the bikes for the first excursion of the year.

The weather was so beautiful and we didn't want to go on Sunday when everyone else was going to be outside.
We headed off in a different direction this time, because we were hoping the kid would be able to handle a longer trip. (He was great.)

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2016-10-09 07:31 pm

Autumn picture dump.

Autumn at the playground.

Took the bikes out yesterday and had a look at a playground that we hadn't been to. The kid got a handy little map at school showing all the best spots in town, so there was a new place to discover.

Kid liked it - I didn't think it was that spectacular but one of the better-maintained ones around.

While the kid played, I took my first real autumn pictures of the season.

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2016-09-04 06:22 pm
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Late summer.

We've had a couple of sunny days, some of them even rather hot, but today there has been quite a bit of rain, too. Yesterday the sun was out, but there was already this late summer feeling in the park - lots of spiderwebs, fading flowers and the first yellow leaves.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

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2016-07-18 09:00 pm
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Sunday evening stroll.

The kid being at the grandparents' and this being the summer holidays I indulged in a little picture-taking in the parkland close to our house.

I did not spot the cormorant again (yes, really) who somehow has been hanging out on the local river, but there were lots of butterflies, dragon-/damselflies, several species of waterfowl and all sorts of creepy-crawlies.

I'm doing this photo project on twitter called MissionFoto and the theme this month is Gegenlicht, i.e. Contre-jour or backlighting. I've been playing around with that a bit but there are also some more straightforward pictures.

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2016-03-13 07:54 pm
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First flowers.

The television news programmes are too depressing.

Here are some flowers:

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2016-01-02 03:58 pm

New Year's Day Walk Extended Version.

Under the cut, some of the pictures of our New Year's Day Walk.

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2015-12-29 03:00 pm
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Flowers named after people and their pronunciation.

Bringing this over here from my twitter feed and expanding it a little.

It all started when I realized that British English pronounces forsythia /fɔːˈsaɪθiə/ - like scythe in the middle. My own pronunciation was a mix of the British and the American version: /fərˈsɪθiə/ - the Star Wars Sith pronunciation I'd like to call it. What's your pronunciation like? I don't know whether I came up with my version of my own or whether I heard it in NZ or GB?

The German pronunciation of Forsythie - nearly the same word except for the last letter - is very different though: Phonetically we would spell it Forsützie, the more or less IPA version, taken from a German online dictionary is this: [fɔrˈzy:tsi̯ə] - a world away from the British version!

But then I thought of Fuchsie and fuchsia - same last letter difference again, also a very different pronunciation: German call it [ˈfʊksi̯ə], English-speaking folks say /ˈfjuːʃə/ - and as to spelling it, there is the tendency to turn it into fuschia.

So, we have a Scottish botanist William Forsyth and a flower named after him and a German botanist Leonhart Fuchs and a flower named after him. Naturally, we ignore the native pronunciation of the name and come up with our own. Which I am totally fine with, but it is a little confusing.

With Dahlie and dahlia, named after a Swedish botanist Anders Dahl, the German and American pronunciation are fairly close on the sound of the a (let's ignore the l and the fact that the IPA letters are the same, but the pronunciation isn't):
Dahlie = [ˈda:li̯ə]
dahlia = BrE /ˈdeɪliə/ AmE /ˈdɑːliə/
The Swedish pronunciation of the a is probably different again!

As to other flowers named after people, there is Poinsettia - which was the trigger for all this because of this language log post about its pronunciation and Bougainvillea.

Poinsettias are Weihnachtssterne in English, literally Christmas stars, which is the easy way out as far as mangling the name goes. Bougainvillea are named after a French general and explorer and here the German [buɡɛ̃ˈvilea]  is a little closer to the French version than the English /ˌbuːɡənˈvɪliə/ - which is lovely in its own way, I think.

Any other flowers named after people that come to mind?
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2015-12-27 05:14 pm
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Winter flowers.

Not a sign of global warming.

Hamamelis/Witch-hazel/Zaubernuss blooms in winter.

Lovely smell, too.
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2015-10-01 06:08 pm
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I'm still not quite done with the Portugal pictures - I keep posting them to remember the holidays. As there is only one more school day (which we'll spend on a field trip) until the autumn break, I should really post some today! Read more... )
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2015-08-08 03:49 pm
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The box tree's enemy.

You are going to see pictures of a very pretty animal that is about to destroy our box tree. Warning: Caterpillar pictures )
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2015-08-07 07:32 pm


Birthday flowers for [ profile] frances_lievens because she is passionate. Also, pretty.

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2015-07-02 03:22 pm
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Carnivorous pitcher plant.

We've got a mini-pond in the backyard, bought two years ago:

I can tell this is an old picture because the apple crate planter in the background has lost its colourful label (and this year's carrots don't look half as healthy).

Yesterday I got the tripod and took some pictures: )
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2015-05-20 06:23 pm

Going south.

As is tradition around this time of year, we went on the motorway and visited family in Hesse. Text and pictures )

This time there we didn't go for the sights and while I had wanted to take the kid to the very famous castle, we of course didn't. You don't mess with tradition.

Edited for spelling picnic the German way.
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2014-08-17 11:11 am
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Awww, crap.

That last post wasn't as vibrant as I hoped.

In hindsight, the evening setting makes it look rather sombre.

Let's try again - this time with colours!

This is Lantana camara, which is a popular ornamental plant in Germany, especially because the flowers change colour during the summer. I was surprised to see them grown as hedges or as shrubs in the wild, but Wikipedia informs me that it is an invasive species in many warmer countries.

Even though I wasn't happy with how I answered that prompt, I wouldn't mind getting more from you!
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2014-08-12 02:09 pm
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Flowers of the Algarve.

I'm doing picture requests - just ask, I might just have it.

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