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sister_luck ([personal profile] sister_luck) wrote2017-03-26 06:05 pm

Thursday bees and flowers.

I really don't know why it's the "birds and the bees" in English, when German "Bienchen and Blümchen" - little bees and little flowers is so much more logical. Must be the lack of alliteration for bees and flowers. Good luck trying to explain reproduction using birds and bees as an example. At least with bees and flowers you can talk about pollination.

On Thursday the kid and I took the bikes to the nearby park and had a look at the flowers and the insects:

There were (unscented) violets and celandines and daisies and many more. Spring is here!

The combination of this very light violet and the bright yellow of the celandines combined with the lush green is very pretty:

I had to lie flat on my stomach to take the pictures, but I think it was worth it. (I just had to make sure there was no dog mess around.)

Here is another bunch of violets with a blurry daisy in the background:

I love the dark and scented violets even more, but these are handsome, too.