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Saturday a week ago.

A week ago on Saturday we took out the bikes for the first excursion of the year.

The weather was so beautiful and we didn't want to go on Sunday when everyone else was going to be outside.
We headed off in a different direction this time, because we were hoping the kid would be able to handle a longer trip. (He was great.)

Our destination was a small village with a tower and a castle. You can walk up the tower, but you can't visit the castle, but that's okay, because you can talk a walk in the woods there on the only hill around for miles.

The village has lots of original half-timbered houses and is very very sleepy on a Saturday afternoon. We stopped at the market square (which sounds much grander than it is) and sitting on a bench had a snack.

We looked up at the tower:

Whoever had the door painted is probably a keen hunter. (Aww. So cute. Frischlinge Baby wild boars or squeakers.)

Semi-detached half-timbered housing:

The other houses all had cars in front of them, so I didn't take pictures.

View from the tower towards the castle:

It's owned privately and in the process of being restored.

Walking up the tower costs 50c - there is a metal turnstile you have to go through and as we didn't have enough coins the kid and I walked through together and K stayed on ground-level.

The woods are full of celandines and wood anemones at this time of the year:

There is also the Pfadfindergrab - the scene of an accident in which three boy-scouts were literally buried when a rock-cellar caved in. One of the bodies was never recovered.

Gut Pfad is the German Pfadfinder greeting together with Allzeit bereit, the German equivalent of the Scout motto Be prepared.