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2017-04-23 09:45 pm

Laach Lake

In German Laacher See - or Lake Lake, as Laach is from Old High German lacha - which is related to English lake of course.

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2016-09-04 06:22 pm
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Late summer.

We've had a couple of sunny days, some of them even rather hot, but today there has been quite a bit of rain, too. Yesterday the sun was out, but there was already this late summer feeling in the park - lots of spiderwebs, fading flowers and the first yellow leaves.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

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2016-08-27 05:57 pm
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St. Ives.

St. Ives is a very pretty place and of course everyone else thinks so, too, so it's teeming with tourists, but not horribly so. It's just very full. Parking is only possible outside the town which I think is absolutely fine, but it's a bit on the expensive side. They could probably pedestrianize more of the area around the harbour - at least during the summer months when they already restrict parking in several streets.

But yes, very very pretty, especially in the evening light:

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2016-01-02 03:58 pm

New Year's Day Walk Extended Version.

Under the cut, some of the pictures of our New Year's Day Walk.

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2015-12-27 05:14 pm
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Winter flowers.

Not a sign of global warming.

Hamamelis/Witch-hazel/Zaubernuss blooms in winter.

Lovely smell, too.
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2015-11-25 07:21 pm

November Sunday.

When we left the house, the sky was still blue and the sun was out. On the motorway we realized that we were travelling towards a big mass of dark-blue clouds full of rain or maybe sleet.

When we arrived at our destination - that one Dutch city where all Rhinelanders go to buy stuff on a Sunday - the hail was pouring down.

Last time I was there, we also ended up being soaked. Here is a mix of old and new pictures:

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2015-06-25 09:48 pm


It is very difficult for me to go to the town of my birth and NOT take pictures of its landmarks.

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2015-05-20 06:23 pm

Going south.

As is tradition around this time of year, we went on the motorway and visited family in Hesse. Text and pictures )

This time there we didn't go for the sights and while I had wanted to take the kid to the very famous castle, we of course didn't. You don't mess with tradition.

Edited for spelling picnic the German way.
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2015-02-23 09:29 pm
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Technically, there is no such season as pre-spring - there is winter and there is spring, but certainly while it was gloves-hats-and-scarves cold, there was this feeling that nature was gathering strength from the sunshine for the coming spring.
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2014-12-29 10:24 pm
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Yesterday I went on a snowy walk around the same-old places.

They looked different than usual.

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2013-09-17 07:36 pm

Maritime moments.

Because this day is cold and the blue sky and sun we had earlier has turned to grey and rain, here are some holiday pictures to remind me of the summer heat and the sea.

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2013-09-12 08:48 pm
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It feels like autumn now. On the bike ride to school I wear gloves and today in the lunch break I needed an umbrella to supervise the kids playing in the school yard.

This picture was taken on nearly two weeks ago, in the park near our old flat in D-village.
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2013-06-03 07:28 pm


So we went to this castle and I didn't take a picture.

No, really. There are pictures of the view you get when you're inside the castle, but I did not take a picture of the castle itself. That would have been too obvious.Look-out )
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2013-06-01 03:34 pm


The one good thing about all the rain we had?

Everything is very green.

On Pentecost Monday (or Whit Monday if that means more to you) we made the drive down to Hesse to visit my father's half-sister. She hadn't seen the kid for ages and it was a very pleasant surprise for her.

After a very traditionally 'home-cooked' meal in a restaurant we managed to spend outside the portion of the day that wasn't full of rain.

First we walked around a pond: )
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2013-04-10 08:57 pm

March 14.

Here are two pictures from March 14 to remind me of a) the snow we had then and b) one of my favourite pieces of street art in town.

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2013-03-14 07:00 pm

Frost and snow.

Last week I was convinced that spring had sprung and I planted things and now they're buried under the snow.
I lugged around my big camera while I was driving or cycling to visit students on work experience, but somehow the pictures didn't come to me. There hasn't been much photography this year so far and I don't think that the Photo Bingo will go anywhere.
Planting and taking pictures are not the same, but the common ground seems to be that I'm not very successful in my creative endeavours.

The mobile phone camera has been in use somewhat and there are some pictures that I'm willing to show. The theme seems to be frost.

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2013-01-19 09:25 pm

Snowy afternoon.

We've had quite a bit of snow since Tuesday morning and I was itching to get out the sled, but as I had lots of afternoon school and meetings, we didn't make it until Thursday afternoon.

This is just in the park around the corner - not the steepest of slopes and you can see that 5cm more would have made for much better conditions. People who live in areas where they actually regularly get snow will point and laugh at our pathetic sledding hill and rightly so. (The real action in town is actually in the bigger park with the 'rubbish mountain', i.e. a small hill, that was built from the rubble left after the bombing raids of WWII, but we didn't have the time to drive over there. You can see that the light was already fading.)

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The kid enjoyed himself, even though we had managed to forget the gloves.. We are very bad parents.