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So we went and had a stereotypical family holiday in a holiday park over the Carnival mini-break. We had a cute little house with a freestanding fireplace and two tiny bedrooms.

Yes, Despicable Me was on TV and we watched some of it.

The kid loved the bunkbed - luckily we managed to discourage him from sleeping in the top bed because in the middle of the night he has the habit to visit us in the big bed and as he doesn't completely wake up when he does that, climbing down a ladder is probably not something he can do on autopilot.

On the sofa.

What made us choose this particular holiday park was a) its closeness to our hometown and b) the tropical swimming pool paradise. Both turned out to be great - the drive was well under an hour and we went swimming every day. The kid is now very close to being able to actually swim unaided for more than two or three strokes. (The swimming lessons my parents took him to weren't enough, but the teacher had said right at the beginning that only about two or three kids would learn to swim and mostly it would be the girls. This turned out to be true, but then they should change their approach I think!)
They had a water slide, too, of course, which was great fun, but I made the mistake of going down sitting on one of the inflatable tubes provided and knocked my head and shoulder quite badly. Lesson learned. Don't use the inflatable.
What I liked best was the outdoor pool you could swim to from inside - I love swimming in nice and warm water under an open sky: In the dark the steam is rising up from the lit water into the blackness and on the last day we had blue skies and sunshine. Also, outside you don't get the familiar pool smell of chlorine mixed with fries.

What I don't like about going to the swimming pool is the undressing in the stalls and the awkward fumbling with the plastic coat hangers for your clothes and the coin-operated lockers and the stupid armbands with the keys that never seem to close right. By the end of the holiday we had a routine going and it became easier. Still, so awkward, especially at this time of year when you are wearing a winter coat and have hats and gloves and scarves as well. Then there is the making sure of not showing too much of your body (hair) and/or the aftermath of getting rid of body hair, but I sort of managed to overcome that with the help of boardshorts.

Anyway, I have always loved swimming but am a lazy cow and never go, so this holiday was great - though of course there was no pool to swim lengths in, but the one which had artificial waves every hour for a couple of minutes was very enjoyable, too.

Other features of the holiday park that we loved: wonderful playground which we would have spent more time around if the weather had been a little warmer and the petting zoo.

The kid loved the fairy-tale inspired crazy golf.

Umm. Yeah.

We could have stayed on the park's grounds for the whole holiday (they have a shop and several 'restaurants'), but we also spent some time outside. More about that in another post.
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