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sister_luck ([personal profile] sister_luck) wrote2017-06-02 04:29 pm

Picture dump: Flowers and butterflies in May.

The river and adjacent pond with parkland are within comfortable walking distance, so whenever there was an hour to spare I walked over (or I stopped on the way home from work in the last couple of days) to take some pictures.

I've been posting them over on twitter @sista_ray but I also want to dump them here in one place. I've started experimenting with twitter moments - which is a handy way to group tweets. Still, I can't quite let go of dreamdwidth and even livejournal (grudgingly accepted the TOS to keep up with what's left of my friendslist).

A small cabbage white presumably.

The German name is much more complicated than the English: This is a Tagpfauenauge - day + peacock's eye.
The scientific Aglais io name refers to Io, the lover of Zeus.

Wiesen-Schaumkraut (meadow + foam + weed) or lady's smock or cuckoo flower.

The German word for a snail is very descriptive: Nacktschnecke = naked slug.

Whatever these are called, they are pretty: