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sister_luck ([personal profile] sister_luck) wrote2017-04-19 01:30 pm

Maar II.

After walking half-way around Schalkenmehrener Maar, it was time to tackle the next maar which is called Weinfelder Maar after a small chapel plus cemetery left over from a village abandoned in the 16th century because of the plague. Alternatively, it is also known as Totenmaar or Maar of the Dead.

And right away, the atmosphere is different - it also didn't help that the blue skies had given way to grey clouds:

The small white chapel and cemetery are still in use and while we were there a couple of cars stopped with people clearly visiting the graves, so I didn't wander around taking pictures.

The whole of the maar is a nature reserve and there are donkeys (and goats but we didn't see any) that are used to maintain the grassland.

There was also this lovely little robin:

The lake is a nearly perfect circle:

The chapel seen from the other side of the lake when we were already on our way back. (There was a tower and another maar in between, but more of that in another post.)

Three maars, I said?

Here you can see all three of them in profile: