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We did a holiday park break over the long Carnival weekend again, but I've got to say I can't spend the entire time within the confines of the park, I need to see more than playgrounds, petting zoo and swimming pool (and shops and restaurants).

With the L√ľneburg Heath around us, there was plenty of landscape around us.

I'd been there once before, as a child, with my father and my grandparents. The names on the road signs were familiar and when we drove towards the town I knew I had stayed in, I spotted the words Pietzmoor on a sign and that rang a bell. We parked close to the holiday home village where we had rented a cottage and went for a walk around the Piet's bog.

Efforts are under way to restore this rain-fed bog - it was drained and there was a lot of peat extraction even as late as the 1980s there and you can still see where the peat was cut - the rectangular holes have filled with water.

Drainage channel (which I think is now used to put water back into the bog) and meadow where sheep are usually kept.

Raised paths take you around the bog:

The birch trees are not supposed to be there - they only grow where the bog is too dry:

So when you see a dead tree, this means the conservationists are happy:

Same dead trees:

Different dead trees:

Here you can clearly see the straight lines left behind from the peat extraction:


We heard lots of bird chatter - I suppose the cranes that breed there have already arrived, but we didn't see any of them.


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