Thin ice.

Jan. 3rd, 2019 05:33 pm
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The other day I saw a pigeon drown. At first, I didn't know what it was - was that a duck bobbing up and then down again in the pond? No, this bird was smaller and grey. It must have misjudged the thickness of the layer of ice on the pond, mistaking it for solid ground. The ice had turned out to be much too thin to take the pigeon's weight and it had plunged into the water, close to the small island in the pond's middle but much too far to reach for a bird unused to swimming. It came up again but couldn't stay upright, its head landing in the water again. And then it stopped moving.
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Wishing you a lovely 2019 -

may it be soft on you and full of sunshine.

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We decided to find a new destination for our traditional Boxing Day Walk, but we didn't want to drive too far. We usually end up somewhere in the Naturpark Schwalm-Nette and this time we started our walk in a tiny little village called Schwaam.

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He was checking his selfie game on his phone, arranging his curls & his facial expression.

She was looking at her compact mirror, applying liquid make-up, putting on lipstick & her smile.

They sat only two seats apart but they were totally oblivious of each other and of the family of three sitting opposite them.

He was young and very pretty - alabaster skin, dark curls and a full lips. His long legs spread out, he leaned back into his seat. He hled his phone at the perfect angle, looking at himself full of concentration, his hand messing up his curls and then just for a second he became completely still, his eyes locked onto a spot in the distance, his sensuous lips pouting.

She was a little older, Asian and tired, but that's what the liquid make-up was for. With quick strokes she spread it across her face, taking care to fix the dark circles under her eyes and checking her progress in the small round mirror in her other hand. Sitting up straight, she replaced the make-up bottle with a lipstick and continued her transformation.

Such intimate moments shared with strangers.
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Sunday morning started with snow.

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The Alster looks pretty on a snowy soggy day. The kid gets wet feet, so we return to the hotel by bus.
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We spent part of the crazy carnival days away from the crazy going to Hamburg by train. Here is my account of the journey - in German.

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English summary: The local train we should have taken to big city to take the fast train was delayed because people were walking near the tracks. We had to improvise and took another fast train an hour later. Then changing trains there were problems again: the train we caught with not much time to spare turned out to have a technical fault so we had to change again. Still, despite all this enjoyed the comfort of first class train travel.
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German calls them Libellen.

English has two words for them - dragonflies for the suborder Anisoptera and damselflies for the suborder Zygoptera.

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