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On Sunday we went to a local design & upcycling market - they have a summer version (Greta) and a winter version (Claus).

This year the theme was "Alice in Wonderland" - seven-year old Greta was celebrating her un-birthday.

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We've got a mini-pond in the backyard, bought two years ago:

I can tell this is an old picture because the apple crate planter in the background has lost its colourful label (and this year's carrots don't look half as healthy).

Yesterday I got the tripod and took some pictures: )


Jun. 25th, 2015 09:48 pm
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It is very difficult for me to go to the town of my birth and NOT take pictures of its landmarks.

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I'm saving my rant about schoolbags for another time (be afraid, be very afraid) and am instead sharing some peaceful pictures from today.

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As is tradition around this time of year, we went on the motorway and visited family in Hesse. Text and pictures )

This time there we didn't go for the sights and while I had wanted to take the kid to the very famous castle, we of course didn't. You don't mess with tradition.

Edited for spelling picnic the German way.


Apr. 22nd, 2015 06:38 pm
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Yes, this is getting repetitive - all I ever do is post pictures of Sunday outings or so it seems.

The weather has been lovely, with some really rather warm days and while the temperatures have dropped somewhat we still have blue skies and sunshine. Very welcome after quite a few grey and rainy days. Hence the greenery is exploding and the birds are doing their thing and the first bees have been sighted, too.

Our Sundays have included a short bike ride along the river, so here are some of the pictures.

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Apr. 8th, 2015 05:18 pm
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Yes, I still watch television, though not as much as I used to.

The Easter break means that I've been watching more than the weekly episode of Agents of Shield (which is more than a guilty pleasure).

Still not caught up with Justified.

But we managed to return to True Detective and we watched episode 4 last night. Which was more of a linking episode, I think, showing us how these two detectives are spiralling out of control, in their personal lives and in how far they are willing to go to solve this case. They don't seem to have a superior who is really interested in them - in contrast to Justified. Also, really want to find out how one of them managed to masquerade successfully and the other dropped out.

We are nearly done with the first season of Transparent. I've been enjoying that, because it has got humour, heart, lots of neuroses, and gorgeous architecture. I sort of have developed this theory that (interior) design reflects the characters, but I am not sure yet where they are going with it. Is there a unified theory behind it?

Oh, and we watched the Veronica Mars film, which was pretty harmless, but fun. That said, I wanted to feed the actor playing Logan Echolls. I used to like skinny guys, but not anymore.
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Family visit to SmallTown on Easter Monday. So very typical in many ways. The waffles we had were really rather dark and the one that was thoroughly burnt? Not thrown out, but eaten - it's that mix of "I am suffering for you" and "I cannot throw away anything resembling food, I still remember people starving". Traumas manifest in little ways. (My family and food? There is some bad stuff there.)

The traditional walk was enjoyable, most of the time, as there was some hiding and finding of eggs, of the dyed and chocolate variety. The kid got onto us at some point that the same eggs kept turning up again.

Anyway, lots of signs of early spring and some pictures taken:

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Currently I'm on Easter break, much deserved after a crazy marking phase. I spent the first couple of days of break filing teaching materia and sorting out the mess that was the dining room - which had doubled as my study.

We started the spring cleaning and we did Easter things: )

Happy Easter!

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Technically, there is no such season as pre-spring - there is winter and there is spring, but certainly while it was gloves-hats-and-scarves cold, there was this feeling that nature was gathering strength from the sunshine for the coming spring.
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