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I did not leave the house yesterday - marking to do & still feeling under the weather from the cold that had me in its grip most of last week.

So tonight I revisited the pictures I took the week before on our Sunday walk and I have decided to show you some of the more experimental ones, i.e. the weird ones of water & sky.

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On Sunday we just about managed to catch the last light of the day to go on a short walk.

At the ponds a grey heron was out stalking fish and then I stalked the heron with my camera. The telephoto lens is heavy and the pictures when the heron was still in the water turned out blurry because I just couldn't keep the camera steady. My camera's light spooked it and it flew into a tree.

For some reason it was easier to take a picture then:

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Today was an exceptionally dreary day with the greyest skies and a persistent drizzle.

I had already spent yesterday inside.

So, I took the kid and we went on a walk through the woods where we got lots of mud on our shoes.

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In response to this post on languagelog about firstable as an eggcorn for first of all:

The version I've seen from several German students is firstival - which you can also find in the last comment on this blog post on first(ly) etc.

Finding authentic examples of this usage isn't easy but here are two:

Firstival what is true love what is being in love... Is there a difference?

Hello everyone, firstival i would like to say that my english is not evry good but i would like to share my experience of playing my little bunny here, so my apology if there r any misunderstandings.

Apparently it is not only used by ESL students as in this quote from a 'funny freshman essay':

Firstival, the president should…

I learned a new word. It appears to sound like “festival,” but is synonymous with “first of all”.

(As an aside: This current teacher isn't too fond of this former teacher poking fun at the ignorance of students and I'm also not completely sold on the authenticity of the quoted student writing.)

St. Martin

Nov. 12th, 2014 06:55 pm
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I love festivals of lights - I absolutely adore the warm glow of bonfires, paper lanterns, candles, carved pumpkins or turnips.

The area I live in is big on St. Martin and I am bringing you this year's selection of pictures.

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We don't do the trick-or-treating - traditionally, the begging for sweets is done on St. Martin's Day, but the carving of the pumpkin has become a tradition.

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Spent most of the day deskbound.

A while ago on a grey October Sunday we did manage to leave the house - just in time to catch the last demonstration of a working water-mill.

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Official site of the Schrofmühle.


Oct. 25th, 2014 09:05 pm
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Indulge me - I need a break from marking and that's the perfect excuse to go through my pictures and post some of my latest.

My town is at or near the top of all sorts of negative lists - most of them signs of deprivation - like the number of people on benefits, teenage pregnancies and so on.

But - and I wish I had proof of it - it is probably also one of the towns with a more than average number of public playgrounds. They are reasonably well-maintained and clean, although most of them have equipment that is very old.

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Oct. 6th, 2014 11:25 am
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Saturday was one of those early autumn days that wanted to be a summer day - blue skies and t-shirt weather. After the kid had been taken to his swimming lesson with the grandparents he wanted to take his bike out for a ride around the neighbourhood.

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